Bootstrap UI Kit by UXPros

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This design system based on Bootstrap standards will help your workflow faster by utilizing pre-built components. Teams and Freelance designers will benefit from this design system as you can spend more time thinking about your project, and you'll have more time to collaborate on solutions because you don't have to build each component! Check out the preview version in Figma!

Feel free to contact our team for feedback, as this is the first version of this kit. We aim to simplify the lives of designers and design teams with this kit.

This UI Kit Contains :

  • Fonts
  • Logos
  • Icons
  • Elevation
  • Grid and Spacing
  • Components
    • Accordion, Avatars, Alert, Badge, Breadcrumb, Buttons, Button Groups, Card, Checkbox, Date and Time Picker, Divider, Image Aspect Ratio, Input Field, List Item, Pagination, Popover, Progress Bar, Progress Circle, Notification, Slider, Spinner, Table, Tool Tip, Toggle, Tabs, Tags, Upload File
  • Share Assets
    • Code Snippets, Activity Feeds, Empty States, Menu Header, Footers
  • Pages
    • Login Page, Error Page, Legal Page, Settings Page, CTA Page
  • Sections
    • Page Headers, Contact Section, CTA Sections, FAQ, Inline CTAs, Sidebar, Modals Section, Command Menus Sections, Team Section, Testimonial Section, Newsletter Section, Our Partners Section, Careers Section, Banners Section, Messaging Section, Card Headers, Section Headers, Jumbotron, Hero Section, Features Section

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Bootstrap UI Kit by UXPros

0 ratings
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